​​​​What kind of pictures do you take?

I photograph people and my images are people centered. This means that I strive to literally present

you in the best light. The backdrop is of secondary importance. It will often be blurred or blown out because

my focus is on YOU. A flower may end up as a dot of color, a building or landscape in the back will be

recognizable but probably not defined.

No two photo shoots are ever alike and I spend a lot of time and thought before the session tailoring the shoot to

your exact needs and wants.  I work hard to keep it fresh and creative for each client. For your indoor event,

I will typically conduct a site visit ahead of time to familiarize myself with the setting and lighting

conditions, so I can visualize the scene and sequence of events and prepare my equipment accordingly.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

I am fortunate to have access to a beautifully designed yard and garden
right by my house in McLean if you

want to keep things simple.  However, I frequently photograph in parks, gardens, or urban environments.

The Washington DC area brims with public spaces and architecture beckoning to be the

backdrop for your photos, but again, the light is the most important consideration. 

We will discuss ideas which suit your style.

And I am always happy to travel to your home or venue of your event.

How do I set up an appointment?

The best way is to use the online scheduling feature on my website. You may also email me at marionmeakemphotography@gmail.com with a couple of suggestions.  I require a

deposit of $100 to reserve your appointment, with the balance due after the session.

What if there is poor weather on the day of the photo session?

We will communicate on the day before or on the scheduled appointment and will reschedule in

case of inclement weather. We can also explore indoor options.

What if I need to reschedule for a different reason?

I completely understand that things come up and children get sick. Please inform me as soon as you know

that you can’t keep the appointment. I allow one non-weather related reschedule per session.

After that I reserve the right to charge a $100 reschedule fee to protect my time investment. Especially during

the busy season it is very likely that I have turned away another client because I had reserved the time slot for you.

What should we wear?   

Once you book your session, I will send you my style guide with specific tips for clothing.

Can I bring our pet?

Absolutely. I have done a lot of work with dogs in particular. They are part
of the family, so why shouldn’t

they be on your family photo?

Are you a real business?

Yes, rest assured, Marion Meakem Photography is a licensed and insured business.


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